We have been clear in all fundraising that it will go to charities which support women, tackle gender-based violence, and victims to access justice. Over 21,000 of you have contributed, and together you have raised almost half a million pounds. You are incredible, and we thank you for your contributions.

The past 72 hours have been a whirlwind that none of us could have anticipated. Women’s safety has become a global focus thanks to all of you speaking up. We understand the huge responsibility we as organisers of Reclaim These Streets have, to ensure that the role we have played and continue to play in championing women remains positive and constructive.

Over the coming days, we will be putting in place transparent and rigorous governance arrangements for the funds raised, including diverse, representative women from around the country, to identify and work with charities so that your donations are as impactful as they possibly can be. We are conscious that our own experiences of misogyny and sexism are not universal, and want to make sure everything we do next is inclusive, intersectional, and representative.

There have been questions about how we can support women who were fined or arrested on Clapham Common last night. Like many of you, we were shocked by images of male police officers manhandling women. We’ve asked Met Commissioner Cressida Dick to meet us urgently to explain the actions taken by the police in Clapham last night – before she reports to the Home Secretary. The Metropolitan Police must begin to rebuild relations with women in the capital who have lost trust and are hurting.

For any women who require help after yesterday’s events, we are compiling resources to help, including the details of the many lawyers who got in touch to offer their pro bono services to those women.

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