This movement does not belong to us. This movement belongs to all women, especially those failed by men and by the Police most: black and brown, queer, disabled and trans women.

When we first set up a Facebook event for the vigil, we thought a few dozen friends might attend. 24 hours later, we were taking the Met to court. This has happened incredibly fast. We have not always and will not always get it right.

We also know that we stand on the shoulders of the women who came before us: often black and brown women and groups whose work has not gotten the credit it deserves.

It is our responsibility to do that work: to raise up our marginalised sisters and to ensure the collective work to #ReclaimTheseStreets is as effective as it can be.

Groups like @EVAWuk, @centreWJ, @SistersUncut, @blkprotestlegal, @GBClegal to name a few have worked incredibly hard over the past few days, and long before, to protect women and marginalised people and protect our rights.

Finally, in recent days, our mentions have been filled with harassment because of our affirming statements on trans rights. Bullying will not silence us, so we say again: trans women are women.

We have received incredible support over the past few days, but also feedback and criticism that we take incredibly seriously. We’re listening, we’re learning, and hopefully our contribution to highlighting this crucial issue will be the better for it.

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