The world faces two pandemics. The first, Covid-19, dominates the headlines. The second, violence against women and girls, rarely does. But for many women and girls, the murder of Sarah Everard and the identity of the arrested suspect – a serving police officer – were a turning point. That’s what inspired us to form #ReclaimTheseStreets and organise a peaceful, respectful vigil for Sarah to help raise the profile of the urgent, wider debate.  

The Metropolitan Police thought it a good use of their resources to silence us. We had no choice but to fight back. And we are still fighting. But in order to keep going, we need your help.

We have a strong judicial review test case ready to take forward. If we succeed, a precedent will be set, not only for policing in Covid times, but for meaningful respect to be shown for protest rights whenever the police are exercising their powers.

And if ever such a precedent were needed, it is now – Parliament is contemplating giving the police even more powers to control protest under the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill. 

To take our case to the next stage of the legal process – at which the Court will decide whether our case should have ‘permission to proceed’ – we urgently need to raise funds.

To make progress, we need more funds now. We will apply for the courts to cap costs – but that still means that we ultimately need to secure up to £120,000 in order to pursue this case. 

Our immediate, initial target is £20,000 within 10 days – partly to protect us against any claim the police may make for costs; partly to enable our lawyers to respond to the police’s defence. If we raise this, we will be able to take the case to permission stage – where a High Court Judge decides if there is an arguable case. 

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