We began as a group of women organising a vigil for Sarah Everard, and for all women who feel unsafe, who go missing from our streets and who face violence every day. In August we also held a vigil for Bibaa and Nicole in Fryent Park.

Sadly, the problem of violence against women has not gone away, and women and girls still go missing or are murdered. If you wish to organise a vigil to remember a women in your neighbourhood, please get in touch so that we can help you and amplify your efforts. You can contact us on reclaimthesestreets@gmail.com

Last Friday, Sabina Nessa was murdered in Kidbrooke, South East London. The local community has organised a vigil on Friday 24th September at 7pm, and we are supporting them and encouraging people to attend if they can, and light a candle at home if they can’t.

The community need volunteers to hold this event safely – and have asked for our help to recruit event stewards, first aiders and many more roles. Please let us know if you’re able to volunteer. We will be holding a briefing ahead of the event and again on the day, and you will be required from 6pm on 24th September until around 8-9pm.

Volunteering - event stewards